Thursday, January 26, 2012

How To Increase Your Income - 1

We all love to see that our income grows day by day.  We all love to see our Bank balance go up.  We all love to spend for our family.  But we do not seem to know how to do all these things.  
There is a way.  There is a scientific way to earn more money - a lot more than you are presently earning.  All you have to do is to observe those who became rich - how they got rich; what were the obstacles they had to overcome and  how  they manage their daily lives.  Of course, there are many other traits which they possess - but these three points are important.  All you need to do is to simply follow these three - and you'll see that there is a huge jump in your income.

The very first step for you, then, is setting goals.  Take a sheet of paper and pen.  Write down your goals; classify them  under  financial, health, personal, career, spiritual and any other which you have in mind.  Writing down is necessary.  Because, as the saying goes, "out of sight is out of mind."  If you do not have your written goals, you'll tend to forget them.

We'll start with Financial goals.  I'll explain - in detail - how to go about it in my next post. 
Meanwhile, if you want to start with some other goal and need assistance, respond to this blog.

Good day!

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